Institute for Robotic Process Automation & AI Announces Italy Chapter


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RPA & AI Congress 2018 – The AI era – Agenda

Download the agenda of RPA & AI Congress 2018 – The AI era

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RPA & AI Congress 2018 – The AI era

IRPA&AI and Vincix Group host the second annual AI and RPA congress in Italy
09 May 2018 Rome

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Automation Innovation Conference IRPAAI – Vincix Group

These have been very busy days in which we have met many people with whom we have exchanged ideas on tools and technologies. We would like to thank all those people that chose to believe in us and especially our staff without which all of this wouldn’t have been...
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Vincix Group Holding

Vincix Group’s HQ is in London.
We have offices in U.K., Italy, South Africa and India.
Mission Impossible Team

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Vincix 4 Africa

Together with Komati Foundation we have conducted training courses for the Cisco CCNA certification.
We also promote international workcamp for voluntary activities in the townships.

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Intelligent Automation:
Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence

VincixGroup is a multinational company with offices in U.K., Italy, South Africa and India.
Our HQ is in London.

We are Vincix Group, we strive to streamline, optimize and automate key processes for our customers. We propose RPA solutions which do not require changes in IT or hardware resources, ensuring accelerated flow of information, reducing operational errors and eliminating delays.
In our approach there are three important phases:

  1. Analysis: we study processes in order to identify the various steps that can be automated
  2. Development: we design and develop the solution that best suits our customers’​ needs
  3. Monitoring: we provide monitoring tools which allow early knowledge of potential problems

Robotic Process Automation:
RPA represents a winning strategic move towards optimization and competitiveness in your company.
Robotic Process Automation brings high added value through Intelligent Automation.

The implementation of unique and original solutions to fully meet automation requirements are able to reduce timing involved in manual operations and improve main business processes.

Robotic Process Automation is the way forward to market challenges in a competitive environment, by using an effective and well-performing system to manage business processes.

Robotic Process Automation ensures that business productivity is brought to the best by focusing on process and organizational innovation.

Vincix Group has developed projects using a major solutions (RPA Tools), the choice of the tool depends on the client context and the constraints/prerequisities.
Our ultimate goal is to make business processes more robust, faster and more efficient.

Project realized and released in production


Projects with saving

Virtual Machines

 We are in the following countries:

United Kingdom – Italy – South Africa – India


 We audit and study your processes aiming to find out all steps that can be automated. We make such survey at any company level, in order to then provide a comprehensive improvement of all involved processes.


 We design and develop the best solution for our Customers, always invited to have an overview of the results before releasing the automations. We maintain a constant communication with our Customers, in order to design tailored solutions and pay attention to any detail.


In order to grant the correct execution of all enhanced processes, we provide a complete service for the monitoring of all implied resources and processes with just in time reply and intervention.

A short video to cover with irony a very serious topic: the automation and the optimization of business process


Customized upgrades that generate significant saving in terms of time and cost!


Automate consultant


 We have developed projects using a major solutions

automation anywhere


Major Italian Telecommunications Operator

Software & infrastructure System Integrator

Leader Business Process Outsourcing for a Contact Center

Italian Leader in sales and customer care by chat

Tailored ICT & Digital Solutions for our clients

Service Provider supplying fast,reliable and cost saving methods for document and data exchange

A start-up, Our tools support management in developing more fluid, effective organization