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Instructions for RPA Hackathon

The goal of this hackathon is to create a workflow that will input data from a spreadsheet into the form fields on the screen.


Level 1:
There are 7 fields and 20 rounds, the fields will change position on the screen after every submission and there will be some random popup’s with an instruction to click a button.
Bot has to handle the field position change and the Popup.

Level 2:
There are 10 rounds:
5 rounds where you have to fill 7 fields, and fields will change position on the screen after every submission and there will be 4 random popup’s with an instruction to click a button.
4 rounds where you have to find an image that contains text inside a matrix and insert the position in the fields.
During the level you will find 2 numbers… memorise these! Becouse the in the last round you have to use in order to resolve the last question.

Level 3:
There are 20 rounds:
in every step, you have to check if a code is correct or not by using a external link. Furthermore, you have to upload two screenshots, insert field the captcha code understood and select the answer in the same step.

Level 4:
1 rounds:

In this challenge you have to play to Minesweeper game, discovering the 250 bombs in 10 minutes.
And remember, it is forbidden to use any type of scripts!

Bot has to handle the field position change, the Popup, the matrix and the numbers.

The actual countdown of the hackathon will begin once you click start button; since then, you may submit the form as many times as you wish without receiving penalties.

And do not forget to check the ranking!
Good luck!

RPA Hackathon

Are you an RPA analyst, architect or developer and want to challenge other professionals like you?

From 7 February 2018, test yourself! There is an important Hackathon on #Rpa #automation and #robotics.

A true digital challenge to overcome its limits and to experience new solutions.

Get tested and and check your score in the world rankings!

RPA Certification
For each level do you complete successfully, under specific time, you will receive an RPA Hackathon Certificate!

Level 1: 100% needed – star:

RPA Hackathon

Time > 150

RPA Hackathon

100 < Time <= 150

RPA Hackathon

50 < Time <= 100

RPA Hackathon

Time <= 50 sec








Level 4: 100% needed – star:

RPA Hackathon

Mines found <= 50

RPA Hackathon

50 < Mines found <= 100

RPA Hackathon

100 < Mines found <= 150

RPA Hackathon

Mines found > 150

Hackathon RPA

The registration to the Hackathon is completely free.

To partecipate it is necessary register on the website with a personal data of each member.

The name of the individual or the Team must not in any way refer to companies or registered trademarks or use expressions that incite violence, discrimination, obscenity and / or defamation, under penalty of exclusion from the contest.

To participate, each member must accept the processing of personal data.

The participants of the Hackathon, take note that the participation is free of charge and that the same does not determine any right to receive compensation.

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